Questions to Ask Other Lighting Companies

If your lighting retrofit contractor just drops off a simple price quote and energy savings page, be assured you deserve much more than that.

A qualified lighting specialist will have a discussion with your employees regarding areas of concern that may be under lit or over lit, where motion sensors or daylight harvesting can be used to reduce energy costs. Foot candle readings should be taken and both office areas and shop areas should be accessed for potential energy savings.

Your proposal should include:

Not only your project costs, but also utility company rebate incentive amounts, eligible EPact 2005 energy tax incentives, and your projected savings along with supporting documentation as to how those savings projections were calculated.

Carbon footprint reduction calculations, helping you assure your customers that your company is environmentally conscious and "green".

Your proposal should include 100% finance options allowing your energy reduction initiative to be paid for using the positive cash flow from your monthly utility cost savings.

Finally, it should include multiple customer testimonials from similar facilities.